While she actually is periodically viewed wearing informal clothes, Annie is normally observed dressed in the standard Junior High consistent

While she actually is periodically viewed wearing informal clothes, Annie is normally observed dressed in the standard Junior High consistent

Annie was a quick female. This lady has blue eyes and keeps the lady golden-haired hair tied up straight back, in most cases, wearing the lady bangs over this lady best eyes.


By and large, Annie often keeps to by herself. The woman is known to over-react in certain cases over unimportant issues, but is capable identify this and apologize when needed. She in addition is suffering from performance anxiousness (aka phase fright) and is also frequently extremely reluctant to play before big size readers.

Despite her primarily peaceful and reserved character, Annie just isn’t scared of confrontation. She will effortlessly stand for by herself whenever other people try to end the woman, either from doing a job or attempting to speak to a classmate.


Annie is part of initial season course getting into assault Junior twelfth grade and it is assigned as part of lessons 3. Throughout the welcome service, Annie overhears other beginner Eren’s passion for mozzarella cheese loaf; as a result of this getting their favorite edibles furthermore, Annie turned into as well embarrassed to acknowledge this after the guy reported it. She would start to develop a grudge against Eren responding.

Later on, lessons 3 takes part in a dodge ball event and Annie is able to knock out four different professionals, winning the match for her course. [1] She overhears they’ll certainly be rising against course 4 (the category airg Eren belongs to) and covers to deal with all of them. Seeing Eren is fully gone, Annie is actually told through Armin that Eren’s in bathroom and you will be section of their match. [2] Annie swears the woman area will win and return to the woman employees; prior to the complement, she extends back more and it is revealed Jean as verification that Eren can there be. Perhaps not buying they, Annie phone calls them out and is also going to submit them when Eren at long last arrives. She actually leaves after declaring once again that Eren’s course will totally lose. Throughout the complement, Annie is nearly eradicated by Mikasa; she captures the thrown ball and immediately removes Armin. [3] Given that complement gusts of wind straight down, Annie is actually amazed when Eren is able to stop the girl and victory the fit for their team. [4]

Annie afterwards joins the college student council and rapidly gets about nervousness of guy college student Hitch. Hearing that Eren belongs to the Survey nightclub (aside from the wall structure Beautification dance club), Annie gets up and declares that although the council requires records and helps to keep monitors on organizations all-over campus, the review pub has been the difference. She vows to get the dance club disbanded. [5] Hitch and Marlowe adhere their (despite this lady advising all of them to not ever) and discover Eren as well as the Club people on a field trip to wall surface flower. Both edges consent to a game of stone, report, scissors to ascertain the fortune regarding the review nightclub. [6]

With every part earning one win apiece, Annie comes up over Eren since the deciding vote. When questioned the reason why she hates him plenty, Annie won’t give the good reason why. They see caught in a tie for 30 mins before Annie seems to lose the girl grasp and prepares attain hit by Eren; but Eren relents and requires her once again why she detests him. Annie eventually acknowledges which he discussed the woman favorite delicacies as 1st hence she couldn’t keep admitting that to any or all. After hearing Eren apologize, she then finds out the entire thing had been blown out of proportion by the lady and acknowledges defeat to Eren. The following day during meal, Annie goes up to Eren, Armin and Mikasa and requires to stay with these people. Warming up to Eren, she gets part of the girl meal to him in addition they be buddies. [7]

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