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Babbo is Ginta Toramizu’s A„RM as well as the only A„RM with a human heart. Title is actually Italian for ‘daddy’. He had been voiced by BanjA? Ginga in the Japanese Dub and Michael McConnohie in English Dub.

Look [ ]

Babbo contains the look of a huge steel kendama. On the side from the hammer, there is certainly a style of a cross in the middle of four holes that may be filled with secret stones on both edges of this kendama. Golf ball is when Babbo’s face are. He has got a lengthy, thicker cylindrical nose with a thick, dark mustache below. Apart from that he has also dense, dark eyebrows and a soul spot.

Character [ ]

Babbo is acknowledged for their oversized pride and love of himself, continuously discussing themselves as an « elder » (within the English forms, a guy), comically in comparison to his typical shape, and that is in default form an oversized kendama.

History [ ]

This amazing A„RM is made from inside the miraculous kingdom of Caldia many years ago. At some time an Elder of Caldia had his heart downloaded into Babbo, which offered your his sentience.

When Phantom and Diana deserted Caldia with Caldia’s Orb they stole most A„RMs including Babbo. Then consciousnesses of Caldia’s Orb are moved into Babbo and began battling as well as Phantom because of the intent behind dominating MA„R-Heaven. They came across resistance up against the mix safeguard and conducted them inside War video games. There Phantom battled Danna which led to a tie.

After this combat, Babbo ended up being confiscated from the battlefield by Alan while Phantom’s very own allies removed Babbo’s miraculous rocks. Alan enclosed Babbo inside a chest in a cave which could simply be accessed by those without miraculous.

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