Good Fervent Prayer To possess Church Fix and Fix

Good Fervent Prayer To possess Church Fix and Fix

Mennonite pastor and you can specialist Harvey Yoder blogs with the trust, existence, family relations, spirituality, matchmaking, opinions, serenity and you can social justice. Viewpoints conveyed listed here are his own.


Whenever you are Mennonite Chapel United states of america is widely recognized because a good « peace church, » i Mennos appear to be far better in the severing connections with one another than just we have been in the repairing and you may fixing him or her.

In my own 50 decades as a member of Virginia Mennonite Conference, i have moved out of becoming one of around three Anabaptist-associated communions in Rockingham County (others a few becoming Old Purchase Mennonites during the difference with each other) to having more than twelve separate spin-offs in our town today, none at which have any sort of regular communion fellowship having one another.

An example out of severed links such as for instance painful for me is when all of our nearby Foundation Chapel out-of Broadway (created in 1986 since good VMC congregation separated of Trissels Mennonite), leftover our Appointment for the 2001. I have been pastor of one’s surrounding Zion Mennonite church to have 20 years previous, and lots of of their founders had been my buddies. We also ideal the brand new « Cornerstone » label so you can its head pastor.

Throughout the the earliest atic gains, setting-up daughter congregations in Elkton, Mt. Crawford, Port Republic, Waynesboro and you will Richmond, Virginia, and also as far away while the Charleston, South carolina, and you may Versailles and you may Hannibal, Missouri. Considering my 1997 Mennonite Yearbook, Foundation had become a system regarding nine church buildings in earliest ten-season out of lifestyle. It was a captivating and you can privileged big date, and later a lot more congregations was basically extra, as the far away given that Fl.

Ever since then all of the 17 pastors placed in the latest 1997 Yearbook keeps severed its ties having both the moms and dad https://datingranking.net/local-hookup/brighton-2/ Cornerstone class additionally the Virginia Mennonite Conference (a part of Mennonite Church U . s .), and are also top broadening evangelical congregations with labels such as for instance New life, Crossroads People Church, Freedom Fellowship and you can Numerous Life. A few of the pastors in it still fellowship and you will performs with her to the a laid-back but consistent basis, and that i know with a minimum of two who are an energetic part of a beneficial VMC chapel today.

I have always appreciated « Cornerstone » due to the fact a chapel label, an expression the newest Apostle Paul used in their originator (Jesus) in his letter to the Ephesians. Along with his first letter to believers at Corinth Paul pleads the new church to steadfastly keep up unity based on the conviction you to definitely « Most other basis is no body lay than just than simply that’s currently placed, Goodness Christ, » an effective verse Menno Simons attached to every one of his of a lot website. This basically means, every who will be built on this package basis, having Christ because foundation, and you will which take part of a single dough, try critically connected one another to one another and to the Lord.

Per year shortly after Cornerstone’s deviation, the 5 congregations within the VMC’s Slope Area Area, very within good ten distance distance away from right here, along with withdrew. We wouldn’t avoid weeping if this taken place, at a several 2002 Fulfilling assemblies. This type of days have always been in my situation a variety of reunion off my personal « freundschaft, » my religious offered loved ones. Now we were feeling a different fantastically dull break up.


The biggest of your Hill Valley places of worship, Dayton Mennonite, features just like the associated with new Traditional Mennonite Appointment. Others four shorter Hill Area congregations remain once the another community.

I am past saddened you to definitely followers from Menno, including every too many Christians today, are so more likely to split and re-divide out-of one another having terrible regularity. This in spite of Jesus’ fervent prayer that his followers « remain that as i as well as the Father is actually you to, » making sure that « all of the may know remember that you are my personal disciples. »

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