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An individual see every prefer that I received, their gonna be your the going to be you

guys, there seemed to be that one tune with a gentle feminine sound saying something similar to "hello, honey" or something over and over again in identical tone. they sounded practically motherly, like exactly how a mother would wake the woman child upwards. possibly we read it on tiktok? if anyone knows a track that happens that way, I would be thankful such!

Looking for a track that has these words on it:"She's somewhat crazy""Fighting together with the system""she is pletely uncontrollable"80's rock. Many Thanks

Oh honey isn't it funny is not funny exactly what lover can create

I'm selecting a song which includes words similar to this "When someone see everything I had gotten inside my discover the going to be your, their gonna be your. Regarding so many regarding a billion i have picked your" I forgot the remainder

hello! I am finding a latin track from 90's or 00's, feminine vocalist, from the ref she says ooh lala ooh nanana. Plz assist me Im trying to find ages.

Do individuals learn a track using these phrase involved? I think it's a relatively brand-new track. Lyrics (keep all of our residence until I've found myself and I also'll e back and start yet again where we left off)

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