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Sense rules and sexualities: Postfeminist people in Swedish television

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Postfeminist cultural representations have shown men as bumbling anti-heroes, and as painful and sensitive and supportive of feminism. Analysis on postfeminist boys has primarily already been based on UK and US social representations, while more contexts have obtained little focus. In this specific article, We deepen the understanding of postfeminist portrayals of males by focussing on Sweden as well as on formulations of men’s emotionality and sex. I also build the idea of postfeminist feelings rules by pertaining they to men. The materials for the learn is guys, a 2015 Swedish television collection about two youthful feminist boys. The article discusses a number of feminist-inspired discourses found in the collection, including narratives of private development, men’s thoughts as with by themselves progressive and a (semi)problematization of heterosexuality, all of which decrease gender government to focus primarily the mental physical lives of men.

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