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Obsession often is confused getting like, specially when you are considering those who positively shouldn't be for the a romantic relationship

Charlie Kaufman's stressful, mind-bending thriller concludes as the ambiguously because initiate. Inside, Jesse Plemons takes on an uncomfortable child entitled Jake whom brings their girlfriend Lucy (Jessie Buckley) the home of see their parents (played by Toni Collette and David Thewlis). While you are indeed there, Lucy starts researching strange phone calls, observing strange teens photo into the walls one to end up like her very own, and achieving greatly mental confrontations with Jake's mothers and you may, later on, an aging janitor within his old high-school. The actual situation the movie covers up until the very end is that Lucy simply a great figment regarding Jake's creative imagination, a type of a lady he may have found ages in advance of just who he thinks may have made your delighted in the event that he would had the new bravery to inquire about the woman aside.

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