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Calcium is one of numerous nutrient in your body

About 99% of one's calcium supplements in your body is found in bones and you will teeth, while the almost every other step one% is situated in the fresh blood and you may smooth tissue. Calcium supplements concentrations from the blood and liquid surrounding the brand new tissue (extracellular water) need to be handled within a narrow amount variety having normal physiological working. The brand new emotional functions regarding calcium are imperative to emergency you to one's body commonly trigger bones resorption (demineralization) to maintain typical bloodstream calcium concentrations when calcium consumption is useless. Ergo, enough intake off calcium was a significant reason behind keeping good healthy bones (1).


Calcium is a major structural element in bones and teeth. The mineral component of bone consists mainly of hydroxyapatite [Caten(PO4)six(OH)2] crystals, which contain large amounts of calcium, phosphorus, and oxygen. Bone is a dynamic tissue that is remodeled throughout life. Bone cells called osteoclasts begin the process of remodeling by dissolving or resorbing bone. Bone-forming cells called osteoblasts then synthesize new bone to replace the bone that was resorbed. During normal growth, bone formation exceeds bone resorption. Osteoporosis may result when bone resorption chronically exceeds formation (1).

Calcium supplements homeostasis

Calcium concentrations throughout the blood and liquid one to surround tissue is securely managed in order to uphold normal psychological function.

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